Vegetable prices are set to rise further as farmers express concern over heat wave, crop damage due to rains in Delhi-NCR.

Vegetable prices are set to rise further as farmers express concern over heat wave, crop damage due to rains in Delhi-NCR.

Affected farmers said tomatoes were rotting on trees and plants were rotting in waterlogged fields. As a result, they are uprooting their tomato crop to make way for other crops.

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Vegetable prices likely to rise as farmers express concern over heat wave, crop damage due to rains in Delhi-NCR

New Delhi: Attention customers! Tomato and other vegetable prices are likely to rise in Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, and farmers said tomato crops were damaged due to heavy rains in Moradabad region. The region is known for extensive tomato cultivation, from here tomatoes reach Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi NCR and Haryana. However, due to the recent heavy rains in Moradabad, the tomatoes in the fields have been destroyed.

Farmers in the region told ANI that tomatoes were rotting on trees and trees were rotting in waterlogged fields. As a result, farmers are uprooting the tomato crop for other crops.

Tomato farmer Pappu Hasan told ANI, “Earlier our crop was damaged and now again rains have damaged our crop, earlier it was damaged due to extreme heat wave and now early rains have damaged, now we want relief from the government.” Farmer Pappu Hassan told ANI. .

Earlier, the intense heat wave had damaged the tomatoes, now the unseasonal rains have destroyed the crop completely, the farmers said.

He also said that his tomatoes were not fetching a good price earlier, now the hope of profit has been dashed due to continuous rains. Farmers are now begging for government help.

Farmers and vegetable sellers in Rajasthan's Ajmer were also hit by the weather as the onset of monsoon has affected the prices of vegetables in the market.

“Almost everything has become expensive now. Tomatoes became expensive, chillies became expensive. The main cause of this inflation is heat. First there was damage due to heat, now the recent rains have also damaged the vegetables. Commodities like tomatoes will become more expensive. Consumers are suffering, the bill is Rs 500 to 600 just for buying vegetables. It is a tough situation,” said Tara Singh, a vegetable seller in Ajmer.

The prices of tomatoes, potatoes, onions have increased significantly. With the start of July, there has been a big increase in the price of vegetables.

In June, tomato prices were between Rs 40 and Rs 50 per kg, but now they have reached Rs 75 and Rs 80 per kg. Also, potato prices have reached 25 to 30 rupees per kg, and potato prices have reached 40 to 45 rupees per kg. Heavy rains have affected vegetable prices in many states.

“Our income is not increasing and the rains are spoiling the production. This has increased prices. Onion used to cost Rs 30 to Rs 35 per kg, now it costs Rs 40 to Rs 45. Potatoes were Rs 25 to Rs 30 a kg, now they are Rs 40 to Rs 45 a kg,” said Narayan Lal, a vegetable shopkeeper in Ajmer.

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