Father buries 15-day-old girl alive in Pakistan

Father buries 15-day-old girl alive in Pakistan

A father has been arrested for burying his 15-day-old daughter alive in Tarushah, Pakistan.

Father buries daughter alive in Pakistan
Father buries 15-day-old girl alive in Pakistan

Naushahro Feroze (Sindh): A shocking and tragic incident has come to light in Pakistan, where a father has been arrested for burying his 15-day-old baby girl alive in Tharushah, ARY News reported. Accused father's name is Tayyab. According to the local police, during interrogation, Tayyab confessed to the serious act citing financial difficulties. He said that due to his current financial situation, he cannot afford medical treatment for his baby. Tayyab admitted to putting his daughter in a sack before burying her alive.

A case has been formally registered against Tayyab, who confessed to the crime.

Officials have indicated that the child's grave will be opened for forensic examination through postmortem procedures as per the court's directive, according to ARY News.

In a separate incident in Lahore's Defense B area, a 13-year-old domestic worker was allegedly subjected to severe abuse, including stripping and physical torture, by a husband and wife.

Following a complaint lodged by the victim's mother, Tahrim, law enforcers promptly registered a First Information Report (FIR) against accused Hasam. Haslam has been detained in connection with the incident, while efforts are on to nab his wife.

According to the FIR, the victim, Tehrim, was subjected to continuous physical abuse, including being taken naked, on suspicion of theft. The victim's mother has further stated in the FIR that her daughter suffered fractures to her hand and nose during the ordeal.

After medical examination, the victim was released in the care of her mother. According to ARY News, Superintendent of Police (SP) Kant promised to bring justice to the accused.

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