Vanraj Shah Mansion to sell; Anu took charge of the Senior Citizen Orphanage

Vanraj Shah Mansion to sell; Anu took charge of the Senior Citizen Orphanage

In a recent update of popular daily soap “Anupama”, Anuj Kapadia defended Anu in an ugly verbal spat with Vanraj Shah, when she refused to sign property documents without Bapuji. Read on for more details!

Anupama's Upcoming Twist: Vanraj Will Sell Shah Mansion;  Anu took charge of the Senior Citizen Orphanage

In a recent development of the popular daily soap “Anupama”, Vanraj is shocked to see his parents Hasmukh and Leela in an orphanage in their old age. Vanraj, Anupama and Anuj Kapadia break down to see Baa and Bapuji completing the menial tasks assigned by the workers. Anupama recalls the days when Baa and Bapuji blessed Shah's mansion. Meanwhile, Pakhi and Paritosh are adamant about whether Bapuji will agree to sell the mansion as Vanraj promised them a penthouse for their children.

At the beginning of the episode, Hasmukh declares that he does not want to stay at Shah's house. Vanraj is devastated by his father's unwillingness to return home. However, Bapuji assures Vanraj of the right to sell or modify the property according to the needs of his children. He emphasizes that Vanraj must take responsibility for the future of the house for the future of his children. Bapuji expresses his inability to see the house deteriorate and later pleads with Vanraj to leave him in peace, a sentiment echoed by Ba.

Kavya teaches Pakhi and Paritosh a lesson

When Vanraj returns home, Kavya and Kinjal inquire about the whereabouts of Baa and Bapuji. Vanraj cannot proceed with the request to leave Bapuji alone. Pakhi and Paritosh come together to talk disparagingly about their grandparents, prompting Kavya to scold them harshly. She silenced both Pakhi and Paritosh before they could say anything.

Anupama refused to sign the property documents

Later Vanraj informs Pakhi and Paritosh that Bapuji has agreed to sign the property documents and emphasizes on their parents' property matters. He assures Kavya that he cannot force his parents to return to the haveli but promises to bring back Bapuji one day. When Pakhi asks if Anupama agreed to sign the papers, she flatly refuses, supported by Anuj Kapadia, who advises Vanraj to speak respectfully.

Upcoming episode of Anupama

In the upcoming episode, Anupama visits an old age home, possibly taking charge there. The episode depicts Anupama's marriage between two elderly orphans, where a man emphasizes that only those who truly experience love can understand its importance. At the end of the episode, Anuj Kapadia's new role is revealed.

Watch this space for the latest updates!

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