My Daughter Never Said That

My Daughter By no means Mentioned That

Rajinikanth, breaking his silence on the matter, clarified to the media that his daughter didn’t deem “Sanghi” as a derogatory time period

Rajinikanth Defends Daughter Aishwarya's Comment on Being Called 'Sanghi': 'My Daughter Never Said That'
Rajinikanth Defends Daughter Aishwarya’s Touch upon Being Known as ‘Sanghi’ ‘My Daughter By no means Mentioned That’

In Chennai the place movie stars are sometimes handled like gods, the legendary actor Rajinikanth discovered himself embroiled in a social media storm. The controversy didn’t stem from his cinematic exploits, however somewhat from the political label of “Sanghi” that had been thrust upon him. It began when Rajinikanth’s daughter, Aishwarya, addressed the viewers on the audio launch of the movie ‘Lal Salaam.’ Aishwarya, who normally steered away from social media, expressed her frustration with the web chatter surrounding her father’s political affiliation. In current instances, the time period “Sanghi” had been casually thrown round to explain Rajinikanth, suggesting his alignment with right-wing politics.

“I didn’t know what it meant,” Aishwarya confessed throughout her speech. “I then requested somebody what the which means of Sanghi was, they usually mentioned that individuals who assist a specific political get together are known as Sanghi. I’d prefer to make it clear right here, Rajinikanth will not be a Sanghi. If he was, he wouldn’t have achieved a movie like ‘Lal Salaam.’”

The time period ‘Sanghi,’ a colloquial expression for a supporter of the Proper-wing, had triggered a heated debate in varied circles. Aishwarya, in her try and defend her father’s non secular inclinations, inadvertently turned a focus within the ongoing dialogue concerning the intersection of cinema and politics.

Rajinikanth, breaking his silence on the matter, clarified to the media that his daughter didn’t deem “Sanghi” as a derogatory time period. As an alternative, she questioned why her father was being labeled as such when his focus was on spirituality. The long-lasting actor reaffirmed that his involvement within the movie ‘Lal Salaam’ was a testomony to his numerous roles and never a sign of any political alignment.

Because the social media frenzy continued, the legendary actor discovered himself not simply defending his repute but additionally inadvertently turning into an emblem for the bigger debate on the blurred strains between cinema and politics within the Indian leisure trade.


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