Glaucoma: Do Only Elderly People Only Develope This Condition? 8 Myths Debunked

Glaucoma: Do Solely Aged Folks Solely Develope This Situation? 8 Myths Debunked

Glaucoma is often widespread in aged folks however that’s no assure that kids can’t develope it. Consultants bust few different such myths about this eye situation.

Glaucoma: Do Only Elderly People Only Develope This Condition? 5 Myths Debunked
Glaucoma: Do Solely Aged Folks Solely Develope This Situation? 5 Myths Debunked (Freepik)

Rising age entails a number of well being illnesses. However this sedentary life-style has make even youngsters extra vulnerable to creating sure well being circumstances. One such is glaucoma. It’s an eye fixed dysfunction that damages the optic nerve and will result in lack of imaginative and prescient. However when you’ve got an excellent imaginative and prescient, does it imply you’ll by no means have glaucoma? Does it solely occur at previous age? Effectively, there isn’t any assure for any of those claims.

Early detection is essential to stop irreversible blindness. At the moment, Glaucoma stands as a big international reason for imaginative and prescient impairment, impacting 80 million folks and contributing to 12.3 % of worldwide blindness. In India, the prevalence is noteworthy, affecting 12 million people, with an estimated 40-50 % of circumstances going undetected. Dr. Kamala Subramanian, Head of Division-Glaucoma Sankara Eye Hospital, Shimoga, talking with IANS,  debunks some widespread myths round glaucoma, providing readability and selling proactive eye care.

Delusion 1: Glaucoma derives solely from a powerful household historical past

Reality: Opposite to widespread notion, glaucoma just isn’t solely tied to genetic elements. Whereas a household historical past of glaucoma can elevate a person’s danger, it’s important to acknowledge that different elements additionally play substantial roles within the onset of this eye situation. Prolonged use of steroids for bronchial asthma, drugs for rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune ailments, pores and skin circumstances, and a historical past of eye accidents also can contribute to the event of glaucoma.

Delusion 2: No Options if drugs fail

Reality: Panic shouldn’t set in if signs seem. Surgical and laser procedures can be found to decelerate the illness when drugs show inadequate. Consulting an skilled ophthalmologist can result in appropriate remedies and forestall irreversible blindness.

Delusion 3: Glaucoma happens solely when you’ve got elevated intraocular strain (IOP)

Reality: Glaucoma outcomes from optic nerve injury, not simply excessive IOP. The strain elevation occurs because of the buildup of aqueous humour, inflicting injury to the optic nerve.

Delusion 4: Folks with good eye sight received’t develop glaucoma

Reality: Glaucoma can happen to anybody, even when you’ve got good eyesight. It’s not that when you’ve got an ideal imaginative and prescient, you received’t develop Glaucoma as a result of folks received’t discover signs till the illness has reached average or superior levels.

Delusion 5: Glaucoma may be cured with dietary modification

Reality: Glaucoma can’t be cured with dietary modifications alone. Whereas a wholesome life-style, together with a balanced weight loss plan, is helpful for general well-being, it can’t change medical remedy for glaucoma.

Delusion 6: Glaucoma impacts solely the aged

Reality: Glaucoma can have an effect on people aged 20 to 50 and even infants because of irregular ocular growth. It could have an effect on folks of all ages even in newborns. Undoubtedly the open angle glaucoma happens largely in older folks. Some infants develop congenital glaucoma whereas different kids produce other eye ailments that may result in secondary glaucoma. There are several types of glaucoma that have an effect on totally different age teams.

Delusion 7: Unattended cataract could cause glaucoma &irreversible imaginative and prescient loss

Reality: Cataracts and glaucoma are distinct circumstances. Cataracts consequence from the clouding of the attention’s lens, inflicting imaginative and prescient points. Each share widespread danger elements, however one doesn’t remodel into the opposite. Cataracts are treatable and happen as a ensuing of getting previous often typically after the age of 40. Whereas Glaucoma can happen no matter age and the folks with diabetes have larger danger of creating glaucoma.

Delusion 8: Extreme Display Time Raises Glaucoma Danger

Reality: There’s no scientific proof linking extra display time to glaucoma. Nonetheless, myopia (nearsightedness) sufferers spending prolonged durations at screens could also be in danger.

In abstract, clarifying the distinction between misconceptions and realities about glaucoma is essential for sustaining optimum eye well being. Rising consciousness in regards to the potential danger elements and signs of glaucoma is significant for early detection and profitable administration. Common eye examinations and the promotion of proactive measures are mandatory to guard imaginative and prescient and forestall irreversible injury related to glaucoma. If there’s a vital household historical past of glaucoma, it’s crucial for the subsequent technology to endure complete glaucoma testing along with routine screenings.


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