Ek wakat tha jab kam nahi mil raha tha… – Special

Ek wakat tha jab kam nahi mil raha tha… – Special

Rajesh Tailang aka Ramakant Pandit from Mirzapur is a man of many hats. Talking about his arc as an actor, he recalls his struggling days and how OTT today is seen as a stepping stone for actors like him, who have always been there but never seen the likes of now.

Mirzapur actor Rajesh Tailang talks about his journey in Bollywood: 'Ek wakat tha jab kaam nahi mil raha tha...' – Exclusive

Rajesh Tailang is a man of many hats. Be it Ramakant Pandit or Bhupendra Singh or Dhanjay Mishra, Tailang leaves the audience appreciating his work. But like everyone else, the road was not always easy for him. Tailang spoke about his journey in the film industry in an exclusive interaction with India.com. He shares his path, sheds light on growing platforms like OTT and more.

While getting roles like Rajesh Tailang

of Mirzapur Ramakant Pandit, delhi crimeBhupendra Singh or of the cookie Dhanjay Mishra, Tailang has played many characters with ease like becoming a lawyer or a cop. When we asked if it was a conscious choice or he was only offered stereotypical roles, he says, “Mai apni abhiniya pe hmeti kam karta raha chahe kam mile ya na mile. Par ek wakat aya na ki bahut wakat tak kam nahi mila na, tab muje mere opran se yakin khone laga. Even as an actor, you have suffered a lot. But only the directors were more confident than me.” (I have continuously worked on my acting skills no matter how much work I got. But there came a time when I was not getting much work and I started losing confidence in myself. However, my directors had more faith and trust in me. I and I Respected.)

He further says, “It was not a conscious choice that I would qualify, that I would do. They tried to improve those who came.” (It wasn't a conscious choice to play a certain type of character, I did my best to make the best of whatever came my way.)

Rajesh Tailang attributes his success to OTT

OTT has been and still is a stepping stone for many actors, directors, writers etc. and there is no doubt on that front. Speaking on how this has helped people get benefits, the Mirzapur The actor admits that OTT has helped him reach the world. “Mai kaam bahut pehke se kar raha hoon par OTT ki wajah se mujhe bahut logo tak pahunche ka mauka mila hai. Or like OTT Mere, many of these actors appear in roles that don't appear first. Or baaki ya bhi talent – ​​writer, director, cinematographer ko OTT ki waja se aage aane ka mauka mila.” (I have been working in the industry for some time now, but OTT has helped me reach more people. And not just actors like me, who were not seen before, it has inspired talented writers, directors and other people in the industry. Come on.

Rajesh Tailang's latest movie cookie, The International Film Festival Cannes 2024 included Ritisha Khound. His talent has earned a place in the hearts of everyone globally as well. Meanwhile, his highly anticipated, cult series Mirzapur 3, It has also hit the OTT screens on July 5.

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