Adhya threatens Anupama with separation from Anuj Kapadia; Anu to start a new life

Adhya threatens Anupama with separation from Anuj Kapadia; Anu to start a new life

In the latest development in 'Anupama', Adhya orders Anu to stay away from Anuj Kapadia and asks her to stop getting updates about her family. Scroll down for more details.

Anupama Upcoming Twist: Adhya threatens Anupama to part with Anuj Kapadia;  Anu to start a new life

Anupama Update: The latest episode of Anupama is full of unexpected twists. At the beginning of the episode, Pakhi and Paritosh join forces to humiliate their mother in front of the Shah family. On the other hand, Anuj Kapadia protects Anu's motherhood by tending to their children's needs. However, a major twist comes when Aadhya confronts Anupama personally and asks her to leave Anuj's life forever. What will Anupama do next?

Anuj defends Anupama in an ugly verbal spat with Vanraj

As the episode begins, the entire Shah family witnesses an ugly verbal spat between Vanraj Shah and Anupama Joshi. Vanraj and Anu had a heated argument after Anu refused to sign the NOC to sell Shah's property. Meanwhile, Toshu and his sister Pakhi are tempted to get a share of the property.

After Pakhi and Toshu's intervention, Anuj Kapadia scolds them and demands to behave. They accuse Anu of not doing enough for their children including Aadhya. Anuj and Kavya soon get fired up after learning about Pakhi and Toshu being out of control. Anuj shuts them up and tells them to shut up.

Anupama's interaction with Adhya

Later in the episode, when Anupama offers food to Adhya, the two engage in a long conversation. It is clear that Aadhya is angry with Anu. She accused Anuvar of being a master at ruining relationships. For the past seven days, Aadhya has noticed Anupama's growing closeness with Anuj Kapadia. Adhya had been hiding her displeasure over Anu's bond with her father for a long time.

Aadhya blames Anupama for breaking up with Shruti and Anuj Kapadia. She asserts that no one, including Anu's two ex-husbands, is happy with Anu's decisions. Aadhya holds Anupama responsible for the incidents involving Shruti, from the shooting incident to the death of her parents.

Aadhya later calls Anu a 'home-wrecker, happiness-destroyer and the worst mother in the world'. All this time Anu was silently listening to Adhya's cry. However, Anupama has now clarified all of Adhya's misconceptions.

Anupama reassures her daughter that she has always put her children first. She cleared the misconceptions about her relationship with Anuj and explained the details of incidents like the car accident and Shruti's shooting.

Adhya insists that Anupama should leave Anuj's life forever. Meanwhile, Anuj gets a call from Shruti, who expresses her wish to reunite with Maa. However, Adhya is stubborn and asks Anupama to promise that Maan will not be together forever. Afraid of losing her daughter, Anupama reluctantly agrees to stay away from both Aadhya and Anuj.

Will MaAn reunite?

During their intense conversation, Anuj insists that nothing can separate “Maan” now. However, Anupama privately knows that a reunion is impossible. Aadhya avoids Anujla as soon as she leaves the room. In the upcoming episodes, Anupama moves on from Anuj Kapadia and Aadhya. It has been decided that Anu will take the responsibility of running the old age home. Meanwhile, the post-leap storyline of the soap features Anuj Kapadia as an old man.

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